NARM: NeuroAffective Relational Model

A newer, cutting-edge approach to long-term healing from complex trauma.

What is NARM?

The goal of NARM therapy isn’t simply to talk about the experiences you’ve had in your life or to repeatedly discuss the frustrating events you are experiencing lately. While these are absolutely affecting you, we explore them in the context of what we have agreed we are working on– that is, in the context of what you want for yourself. NARM is focused on supporting your discovery of that and of what is in your way of moving towards it. The past is relevant in so much as it is showing up in the present and creating obstacles for you– obstacles which are often not in your awareness. Sometimes you may have insights into factors that contributed to your pain and struggles, and yet, you may still feel stuck. Clients often say, I know that, so why can’t I change it?,or, What is wrong with me?

I firmly believe there is nothing wrongwith you. For those of us who have experienced prolonged exposure to developmental and relational trauma, many of our ways of being and experiencing life were formed while we were in survival mode. It’s a very good thing that we adapted to survive what was too much for us then. Now, the often deeply ingrained ways of relating (to ourselves, to others, and to our experiences) are holding us back. It’s challenging because you may not even realize that these patterns are at work

Anything that is “wrong” with you, began as a survival mechanism in childhood.”

– Gabor Mate’

NARM focuses on the present, supporting curiosity and selfcompassion, allowing you to create space within yourself, and in your life, to become who you discover as you” –– not the “you” shaped in good measure by trauma, or what others think of or expect of you, or what you’ve internalized as required of you. While your past experiences are relevant, we don’t dwell on the past. We work in our present experience. Our focus is on creating greater capacity for you to live the life you choose now. A life of deeper connection to yourself and others. A life with greater relief and ease.

“Nothing says you love yourself more than allowing yourself the grace, space, freedom, and time to grow into who you always knew you’d become.”

– Joel Leon

During the last several years, I have directly experienced the personal and professional value of NARM for continued healing from my own complex trauma earlier in life.  It has has resulted in a profound shift in my connection to my authentic self. I remain engaged in the NARM community of therapists, and participate in ongoing consultation, trainings, and other growth opportunities. I believe it is critical for me to continue to grow personally and professionally in order to optimize my support of my clients in their therapy work.